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A Trained dog is a Happy dog.

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Welcome to K9 BootCamp.

As a dog training company we train dogs of any age all the time. Over the years we have realised that a lot of dog behaviour “problems” stem either from a lack of training or just plain boredom. With the rushed lifestyles we lead it is often very hard for many dog owners to dedicate all the time they should to their companion animals and this often leads to unwanted behaviours.

We therefor not only assist owners with training dogs, but have added an online pet shop to provide owners with a one stop option in purchasing products that their pets need, but also to invest in products like our educational  dog toys and obstacle course range to help provide much needed stimulation for their frustrated dogs.

If you need dog training, contact us via our contact page, and if you are here to shop, sit back and relax while browsing through our excellent products.