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Dog training stops dog killing

Logging onto our Facebook page on this Monday morning, ready to tackle the week, the first thing I see posted by an animal rescue group is a picture of a small black dog, in a box, left outside a local SPCA with a note on the inside lid saying: “Sit haar uit ASB”. For...

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Puppy Training 101

As a professional trainer the questions around puppy training and puppy socialisation always start flowing as soon as people hear what I do. This made me decide to write this article in a simple common sense fashion aimed at individuals who are looking for a puppy or...

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Puppies: The good,the bad and the ugly

Puppies. They are always cute, always popular and always the source of many headaches once the honeymoon is over. All too often the time and energy a puppy requires from its new owners is just too much for them. As dog trainers we are all too familiar with the cute...

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