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puppy training
Puppies. They are always cute, always popular and always the source of many headaches once the honeymoon is over. All too often the time and energy a puppy requires from its new owners is just too much for them.

As dog trainers we are all too familiar with the cute little puppy becoming the unwanted dog sitting in some good Samaritan organisations kennels. So we will be doing a series of articles on puppies focusing on all aspects of owning a puppy, from puppy training to the developmental stages of puppies.

We will be looking at choosing the right breed for you and your family and on selecting the right breeder for your chosen breed. How to select the correct puppy for you will be discussed. Puppy proofing your home and all necessary things that should be on your shopping list before the puppy comes home.

We will be discussing puppy health issues, vaccination schedules and what to look out for to ensure your pup gets to the vet on-time when sick. Puppy training is obviously close to our hearts, so we will be focusing on why it is so important to train your puppy including some basic how to guides.

How to avoid problem behaviours becoming a thorn in your side, and how to deal with it if it rears its ugly head. You know; excessive barking, chewing and digging in all its various shapes and forms. Believe it or not, in most cases all these things can be managed and avoided easily with some really simple guidance from the puppy’s owner.

If you or anyone you know, are looking to get a puppy and you have no idea where to start or there is a specific topic you would like to see covered, please reply to this post and we will do our best to include it.